03/2016 Naoko Inaba won the Aya Irisawa Memorial Promotion Award for Excellence by Women Physiologists.
10/2015 Naoko Inaba jointed us as a assistant professor.
09/2015 Itoh won the WBAI award at The Whole Brain Architecture Hackathon.
09/2015 Prof. Hugo Merchant (Institute of Neurobiology Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) visited our laboratory.
03/2015 Uematsu and Itoh gave a presentation at the 120th Annual Meeting of The Japanese Association of Anatomists, the 92nd Annual Meeting of The Physiological Society of Japan (Kobe).
03/2015 Our labolatory was introduced on Research Archives of Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine.
08/2014 Itoh won the young researcher award at the 8th Motor Control Research Conference (Tsukuba).
07/2014 Matsuyama was introduced by Actively Involved in Campus Life.
11/2013 Kunimatsu, Matsushima, and Yoshida gave a presentation at SfN 2013 (San Diego, CA).
10/2013 Matsuyama gave a poster presentation at the International symposium on "Prediction and Decision Making" (Kyoto).
10/2013 Uematsu, T. Suzuki, and Itoh participated in the ASCONE 2013 “Movement - The mystery of the brain and how it moves the body” (Nagano).
10/2013 Our research findings were made into an article in the Hokkaido Iryou Newspaper (October 4th).
09/2013 A kick-off symposium for the new academic field “science of mental time” was held at the Fukutake Hall of the University of Tokyo.
09/2013 Matsushima received the L’Oreal Unesco award for Women in Science 2013.
09/2013 T. Suzuki advanced to the MD-PhD course.
09/2013 Kunimatsu gave a poster presentation at the 7th Motor Control Research Conference (Tokyo).
08/2013 Yamanobe and Matsushima made an announcement at the Japan Physiological Society Hokkaido Region Conference (Asahikawa).
08/2013 T. Suzuki and Kunimatsu gave a poster presentation at the Comprehensive Neuroscience Research Association’s summer workshop (Nagoya).
07/2013 The joint research between Professors Akihiko Takada (Kyoto, Primate Research) and Hidenao Sasaki (Hokkaido, Neurology) was selected by the Takeda Science Foundation for its Special Research section.
06/2013 Kunimatsu, Matsushima, and Yoshida gave a presentation at Nuero2013 (Kyoto).
04/2013 The Cognitive Neuroscience reading circle began.
04/2013 Ai Hironaka joined us as a technical assistant.
03/2013 Matsushima was chosen for the Hokkaido University Otsuka Award for 2013.
04/2012 Tomoko Mori joined us as a technical assistant.
03/2012 Beginning in 2012, the field title “Study of Cognitive Activity” was changed to “Neurophysiology”.
03/2012 Our home paged was renewed.
07/2011 Our general review was printed in the August edition of Brain & Nerve
04/2011 Afona Habtemariam began the master’s course.
03/2011 Our general review was printed in Eur. J. Neurosci.
11/2010 Afona Habtemariam joined us as a research student.
11/2010 Mr. Tanaka Masaki joined us as our 5th professor.

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